Before We Meet

The services of a Notary are frequently needed at short notice. I can usually see clients within 24 hours of first contact and often outside office hours and at weekends as well. In urgent cases it is particularly important to ensure that everything is prepared in advance.

In all cases, the more information you send ahead of our meeting, the more productive the meeting will be. Sending documents in advance means that, before we meet, I can:-

  • Check what is required with foreign lawyers or other contacts
  • Suggest any amendments that may be needed
  • Consider potential difficulties I may have to deal with

It is very helpful if you send documents to me by email because they can then be amended more easily – even at the last minute if necessary


These are the items you should prepare and send in advance:-

  • A brief account of the transaction you wish me to deal with and why you have been advised that a Notary needs to be involved
  • If you are acting for a business, confirmation of the business status of the person who will be meeting me
  • Contact details for the foreign lawyer or other authority at whose request you are undertaking this transaction
  • Copies of documents you may have received, preferably by email, to
  • If sending items by post, full and exact photocopies of all relevant documents
  • Save time by checking your documents carefully for errors. Watch especially for spelling mistakes in your name and address or in your passport number.