How long will it take?

  • I can usually see you at a time to suit you (including out of hours and at weekends) within 24 hours of our first contact
  • In urgent cases it may be possible to complete the transaction within a few hours of your instruction. If the document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form, my work should be completed on the day I see you. If the document is not straightforward or I have to draw it up or undertake other work, it will take longer
  • If the document must be legalised it will have to be sent to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or appropriate foreign embassy. This usually takes several days. You can take the documents to an embassy in person but be prepared for a long wait
  • For more information see Apostille and Legalisation. The fees and procedures for legalisation vary, but I will advise you on the likely time and cost involved

What happens to your documents?

Where your documents go once they are notarised depends on how they need to be dealt with. I can either:-

  • Send them to the foreign lawyer or organisation by post or courier, or
  • Hand them back to you

If the documents were sent away for legalisation, once this is done I can either:-

  • Arrange for them to be sent directly from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or foreign embassy to the foreign lawyer or organisation, or
  • Get them returned to me to hand over to you

What I will keep

I am required, as part of my Notarial duties, to retain a full record of all the cases I deal with for at least 12 years and in some cases permanently. I therefore need to retain a copy of one or more of the following:-

  • The documents I dealt with
  • Evidence of your identity, or, if you are acting for a business, the identity of that business
  • Relevant instructions received from a foreign lawyer or other authority
  • Any other documents which have relevance to the transaction