Notary for Individuals

The principal role of a Notary is to provide independent proof of documents, transactions and facts to the satisfaction of authorities overseas.

For individuals clients this will usually involve dealing with the requirements of lawyers or others overseas who have advised that you need to get a document notarised or legalised.

When might you need a Notary?

Buying or selling property overseas
The Notary witnesses powers of attorney to enable the appointment of lawyers overseas.

Applying for work overseas
The Notary verifies and certifies copies of academic qualifications in support of applications.

Proving your identity to an organisation overseas
The Notary certifies copies of passports and other documents that may be needed.

Sponsoring a friend or relative to bring them to the UK
The Notary drafts and/or witnesses the sponsorship declaration to satisfy UK entry requirements.

Freedom to marry abroad
The Notary certifies affidavits and declarations in support of marrying overseas.

Adoption applications relating to a child overseas
The Notary drafts and witnesses the often extensive application documents.

Share dealings or time shares in the USA
The Notary witnesses the signing of an acknowledgment in support of applications.

Legalising documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or relevant embassy
The Notary makes the application (also known as obtaining an Apostille) using his experienced

Taking oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations
The Notary administers these for use in foreign jurisdictions or court proceedings.

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)
The Notary drafts and witnesses declarations in support of applications.

Pensions from an overseas provider
The Notary confirms the continuing existence (proof of life) of those entitled to overseas pensions.

Deceased relatives with overseas assets
The Notary provides Certificates of English Law to enable the estate to be administered.

Consent to travel
The Notary drafts and witnesses the appropriate document.