Notary for Businesses

The principal role of a Notary is to provide independent proof of documents, transactions and facts to the satisfaction of overseas authorities.

For businesses these authorities are usually company registries, tax authorities and other statutory regulators who may need to be satisfied about the good standing of your business or the credentials of your representatives. You might be providing documents direct to these authorities or at the request of advisers such as lawyers, accountants and commercial agents who are helping you overseas.

When might you need a Notary?

Appointing an agent for your business overseas
The Notary witnesses powers of attorney to enable you to conduct the necessary processes.

Evidence of a company’s existence and standing of its officers
The Notary certifies the authenticity of the documents to meet the requirements.

Setting up a company abroad
The Notary certifies and authenticates relevant documents to enable the company to become legally established.

Tender documents for use in overseas markets
The Notary witnesses signatures and authenticates documents on your behalf.

Proving academic qualifications for key employees
The Notary authenticates qualifications to prove employees’ status to foreign authorities.

Providing copies of passports and other documents for key employees
The Notary certifies these to prove their identity to foreign authorities.

Share dealings in the United States of America
The Notary witnesses the signing of the acknowledgment.

Legalising documents at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or relevant embassy
The Notary makes the application (also known as obtaining an Apostille) using his experienced

Taking oaths, affidavits and statutory declarations.
The Notary administers these to those appearing before him in the UK in order that they can be used as evidence for foreign jurisdictions or in court proceedings.

Presenting bills of exchange for acceptance and payment
The Notary presents the bill and notes any protest and records any dishonour.

Evidence for foreign courts
The Notary takes the depositions to be used as evidence in foreign proceedings.